Flu shot for Adán

Today Adán will get part one of his flu shot.

Update: the flu shot went well. It was truly a sad sight watching your child cry, I think the shot hurt my wife & I more than it did him. But Adán is a trooper and he will be fine.

Customization without modifying source

It’s late and I can’t sleep. So I figured I’d make an entry. I’m amazed at how “customizable” Roller is without touching the code or having Admin privileges. I’m able to add new pages, graphics, change the layout of my start page, etc. I argue with my coworkers about the need to make all of our code public, ok it’s not all public but it is protected and every class has a derived class that is modifiable, so it’s essentially public.

My philosophy to building a customizable application is to put as much flexibility into the User Interface to not require changing code. Roller is an example of being able to change many features of the application without the changing code.

Havana Jax Cafe

Here in North Carolina there is an abundance of Mexican restaurants. Being Puerto Rican, I’ve always longed for Caribbean cuisine. About a month ago, Havana Jax Cafe, a Cuban restaurant opened up here in Wake Forest, NC. The food is great and the prices are reasonable.

If you’re in the area stop by

Havana Jax Cafe
109-10 Capcom Avenue
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Stay tuned for a website.


I’ve looked at the different widget toolkits for Java (AWT, Swing, & SWT). And I think SWT is great. Just what Java needed. IBM did Java a great service by creating the SWT. It allows Java applications to run with native looking widgets and near native speed.

AWT was a good start, but not quite there. And Swing, well, you get native looking widgets, but it is dog slow (no offense to dog owners, I too love dogs). I’d like to start seeing more Java applications using SWT. The OS/2 folks (yes there are still some out there, I used to be one of them but just had to throw in the towel) are attempting to port the SWT to OS/2 to run Eclipse, check out eclipseos2.netlabs.org.

Terrible Twos

Adán is in his full defiant stage. It’s a constant battle to get him to sit at the dinner table to eat an entire meal. It was ok in the highchair since he was strapped in like a NASCAR driver. But we figured it was time to let him try being a big boy. He starts out just fine. He goes and sits in a chair and begins to eat. But after a few bites, he wants to continue to explore. He comes back periodically to get another bite of food, and continue the exploring. I find this a bit annoying.

Tomorrow, the booster seat comes out, hopefully this might help the situation. We’ll see. At least there won’t be any problems with the newborn sitting in the highchair since Adán has given up on it.

PS this all started before the birth of Marco, so I know it isn’t jealousy.


Daylight Savings Time is such a waste of time. I really don’t understand the purpose of it anymore. If you know please respond via comments.

And what happens with the TV when the clocks go back an hour at 2am on Sunday morning. If you were watching a 2 hour moving that started at 1am will it now end at 2am? And in the Spring what happens with the extra hour? Enquiring minds want to know.