The birth of Marco Antonio

Today my beautiful wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to our second son, Marco Antonio. He is 8 lbs 7.4 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. It is truly a blessing to have such a great growing family. Adan, our oldest, seems to be liking the idea of having a little brother, but I’m not sure he truly understands what’s going on. But then again, he might know a lot more than I think he does.

It will be great to watch both boys grow up into men. I will try my hardest to instill in my boys integrity, honor, and what truly is the most important in life, family.

Now to get some much needed sleep, since there will be many a long night for the next several months. Especially for Elizabeth, God bless her heart.


3 thoughts on “The birth of Marco Antonio

  1. Congratulations! I really do think your kids are luckly to end up with a guy like you for a dad! Tell your wife I said congrats!


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