NASCAR here we come…

 Assuming I still have the 1995 Pontiac Trans Am I think it would be a great project car to work on with my sons. This December, I’m taking Adán to the car show in Washington, DC. He’s already shown an interest in cars even at the young age of two years old.

Java Tool Vendors Unite

I’ve never really had the pleasure of using Microsoft tools professionally, but have played around with them. They are definitely world class. All the other vendors out there are always playing catchup. Unforunately, the Java community has become fragmented with their different offerings. Which is why I hope the Java Tool Vendors can get together and come to a consensus of what a development tool should be.

Personally, I hope Sun and the other vendors adopt SWT into Java. I know it goes against the purity of Java by not supporting EVERY platform, but it does get almost all of them except OS/2 and DOS 🙂 though there is an effort to port it to OS/2 Eclipseos2 at SWT offers the performance requird of world class development tools and the look and feel of the platform it runs on. For instance, when I use Windows I want my tool to behave like a Windows app (except the GPFing of course). When using Linux (GTK) I want it to work like a GNOME application. This is precisely why I chose Eclipse to develop my home projects.

So if Java is to continue forward and beat .NET, it must have world class tools. Otherwise, why would developers want to write Java code?

Gnome Terminal Size

I was trying to figure out how to change the default size of my Gnome Terminal. There isn’t any GUI to change this option (been spoiled by Windoze). After doing some Google searches I found the word I was looking for geometry. Then the ole memory kicked in and I remembered that you can pass in the size to any X Windows application. So I gave it a shot:

gnome-terminal --geometry 80x60

VIOLA! Got what I needed.

Is it time for an upgrade?

In my never ending quest to keep tweaking my machine, I think it’s time for another upgrade. This time I think it’ll be a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM. Here’s what we have right now:


Case Enermax FS-710
Motherboard Tekram P6BX-A
CPU Intel Pentium III Slot 1 650MHz
RAM 512MB SDRAM – 100MHz
Sound Card Cirrus Logic CS4614 PCI Sound Card
Video VisionTek Nvidia GeForce2 GTS – 32MB
NIC 3Com 3C905B 10/100
Disk Controller: SCSI Tekram DC-390U2W
OS: Windows XP Pro Seagate ST318404LC – 18.37GB, 10,000 RPM drive
OS: Fedora Core 1 IBM 18.4GB UltraStar 36Z15 15,000 RPM
OS: Gentoo IBM 18.4GB UltraStar 36Z15 15,000 RPM – Review
Yamaha CRW2100SZ 16x10x40 CDRW (SCSI)
Toshiba XM-6201 32x CDROM (SCSI)


Case Same
Motherboard ABIT IC7-MAX3
CPU Intel Pentium 4 / 2.6CGHz 512k Hyper Threading 800 MHz FSB
RAM Corsair Value Select 1024MB DDR
Sound Card On board Audio from ABIT motherboard
Video Nvidia Geforce FX5600 – 128MB
NIC Same or Use Onboard
Disk Controller: SCSI Same
Storage Same with addition of
DVD+/-RW Drive either a Plextor 708A or Sony DRU510A