Fedora boring…then Gentoo

I’ve been playing with Fedora for a little over 10 days. And X combined with GNOME is no where near as fast as Windows XP is on my PIII 650 with 512MB RAM using an NVIDIA GeForce2. The GUI seems much snappier in Windows.

So I ventured to try and install Gentoo linux. I have to admit it is a very neat concept where you compile your customized version of Linux right on your hardware. It took me 3 days to get this up and running. But I couldn’t get KDE to run since I’m too lazy to investigate further. So after 3 days, Gentoo will be gone.

I’m not sure I will ever be happy. I want a Linux that has a GUI that is as fast as Windows and as easy to use. But with the crash and virus protection of Linux.


6 thoughts on “Fedora boring…then Gentoo

  1. Umm.. there are way faster windowmanagers than KDE and/or Gnome.

    Have a look at fluxbox, windowmaker, icewm & Co. instead if you want a snappier X.

  2. I’ve been running Gentoo on my laptop since April, I must say it is the best linux distribution i’ve stumbled on. GREAT package management. My machine is a P4 1,6GHz laptop, and I’m running the latest Gnome (2.4) and it rocks! However, Gnome is quite the memory hog and it does take a while to load it up and everything.

    Since we’re on the subject, the thing that made me switch to Linux (for anything related to work and school, i do have Win XP installed if i need to use something that’s only available for Windoze) was that I wanted a stable working environment with all the development tools available. And I got it. I want a snappy GUI as well as the robustness of a UNIX system… If I ever have the money, I’m thinking OS X 😉

  3. I run Gentoo with KDE on my laptop and it is very fast. Gentoo can be tough to install though.

    I believe you that Fedora is slow, Red Hat has always seemed a little bloated to me.

    If you want an fast, easy to get up and running, non-bloated linux distro, go with slackware (http://www.slackware.org). i used Slackware for a couple of years before I switched to Gentoo.


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