Is it time for an upgrade?

In my never ending quest to keep tweaking my machine, I think it’s time for another upgrade. This time I think it’ll be a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM. Here’s what we have right now:


Case Enermax FS-710
Motherboard Tekram P6BX-A
CPU Intel Pentium III Slot 1 650MHz
RAM 512MB SDRAM – 100MHz
Sound Card Cirrus Logic CS4614 PCI Sound Card
Video VisionTek Nvidia GeForce2 GTS – 32MB
NIC 3Com 3C905B 10/100
Disk Controller: SCSI Tekram DC-390U2W
OS: Windows XP Pro Seagate ST318404LC – 18.37GB, 10,000 RPM drive
OS: Fedora Core 1 IBM 18.4GB UltraStar 36Z15 15,000 RPM
OS: Gentoo IBM 18.4GB UltraStar 36Z15 15,000 RPM – Review
Yamaha CRW2100SZ 16x10x40 CDRW (SCSI)
Toshiba XM-6201 32x CDROM (SCSI)


Case Same
Motherboard ABIT IC7-MAX3
CPU Intel Pentium 4 / 2.6CGHz 512k Hyper Threading 800 MHz FSB
RAM Corsair Value Select 1024MB DDR
Sound Card On board Audio from ABIT motherboard
Video Nvidia Geforce FX5600 – 128MB
NIC Same or Use Onboard
Disk Controller: SCSI Same
Storage Same with addition of
DVD+/-RW Drive either a Plextor 708A or Sony DRU510A

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