Object Desktop

A few years ago there was an operating system called OS/2 Warp which to this day has the best user interface I’ve seen on any operating system, called the Workplace Shell. Stardock Systems had a wonderful extension to this shell called Object Desktop. Now you can get Object Desktop for Windows to make the lame Windows gui usable.

Desktop X is another nice utility for making your Windows gui usable. And it can be downloaded for free.


2 thoughts on “Object Desktop

  1. Thanks for remembering….

    I wrote the OS/2 version! What did you like about it? Are you using the Windows version?

  2. No I’m not using the Windows version. I use Windows at work only because I have to.

    I finally retired my OS/2 Warp installation lastyear and switched to Linux. I liked the window controls added to allow rollup, the object packaging was great.

    There are many other features of Object Desktop that I can’t name them all.

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