Gnome icons or lack thereof

Why aren’t there any good Gnome icons? I’ve searched Google for gnome icons and can’t seem to find any really cool ones. This site has the most I’ve seen so far,Gnome Icons, but they’re still rather drab. Now has some really nice Windows and Mac OS X icons but no Gnome icons or themes. I spent 3 hours trying to convert this set from Windows icons (.ico) to PNG (.png) format in separate sizes ranging from 16×16 to 128×128. It was really something I don’t want to do again.

Here’s what I have so far using some of the icons I converted, and inheriting my theme from Bluecurve.
The Trash, jmrodri’s Home, document, and LimeWire were all replaced. But the Bluecurve defaults show through in the Terminal icon and the audio player.

Does anyone know where to find high quality Gnome icon themes?


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