Favorite Movies

1. Bad Boys (1995) with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith
Favorite scene: Final chase at the airport, that Porsche is awesome.
Least favorite scene: Marcus’ wife’s attitude.
2. Gone in Sixty Seconds
Favorite scene: When Randall gets chased while driving Eleanor.
Least favorite scene: When Eleanor gets crushed.
3. Gladiator
Favorite scene: When Comidus asks “Spaniard” to reveal himself only to find out it’s Maximus
Least favorite scene: When Maximus’ family is slaughtered.
4. Star Wars
Favorite scene: All scenes involving Millenium Falcon!
Least favorite scene: When Obi Wan dies.
5. Varsity Blues
Favorite scene: When Lance, the QB, becomes the coach and the run the “Hook and Ladder” play.
Least favorite scene: The Coach!
6. Top Gun “I feel the need for speed”
Favorite scene: The inverted negative G dive
Least favorite scene: Goose’s death.


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