I’ve been thinking of converting our object model to using Hibernate instead of our proprietary persistence framework. Though I like our current implementation, it is difficult to understand and the mapping between domain object and database is done in code instead of a configuration file.

I’m having a difficult time determining if Hibernate can handle a single domain object being stored in three tables. I’ll do some experiments on this.


2 thoughts on “Hibernate

  1. My (limited) experience seems to back that up – one table = one object. That said, use a Data Mapper/DAO and hide the persistence method, then have your Hibernate implementation merge an object together. Hibernate does have good support for object relationships which might do what you want (for example you load a team and Hibernate can lazy load all the player objects for you too).
    Personally I’ve never used the object-across-three-tables approach primarily due to the performance issues concerning joins.

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