HP ScanJet 4670 Scanner

I went to Staples today to buy a new scanner, the HP ScanJet 4670 vertical scanner. They had a great price. The scanner was $199.99 (retail) with a $30 instant rebate making it $169.99. The cheapest I found online was $178. So with tax (7% here in NC) it came out to $181.99 and no waiting for shipping.

Now for the bad part. I got it home, I installed the software which went fine. I hooked up the scanner to the computer and couldn’t scan. Windows XP didn’t even see it. The HP software couldn’t find the scanner either. I noticed the power light was off. So I hit the power button. Nothing happened. “Hmmm”, I thought. (ok that’s not what I really thought it was more like this piece of !@#%!@&#%!@(%^!@&#%^!@(*^ ). I thought it was the plug or something. So I moved it to another outlet and VIOLA power. I went to touch the scanner and no power. Once again stumped. I touched the power cable and again power. I realized that if I moved the power cable around the scanner would go on and off. Now that was annoying a short in the cable. Normally, I would attempt to fix this, but having just bought it today, it’s going back tomorrow.

Once I get the new one installed I’ll give a full review. I will only connect it to my wife’s Windows XP machine. I won’t bother trying to make Linux work with it. Not worth the hassle.


One thought on “HP ScanJet 4670 Scanner

  1. Dude.. HP scanners suck.. In fact just about everything IMHO from HP sucks. They screwed me over on driver support for a scanner and printer once. Since that time I haven’t purchased one HP product. I have Cannon LiDE 30 scanner ($50) that doesn’t even need a power cable (uses power from USB) and it works great. A little slow, but the quality of the scans are pretty good.

    For printers I normally stick with Epson. I just bought an R300 a few months ago. It works great as well.


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