RPM sucks

rpm is definitely the worst package manager out there. It’s way to difficult to use. For instance, given a rpm how do you list the files in it?

I tried

rpm --list --file my.rpm

I simply get the rpm help screen again. Hmmm, I guess it’s time to type

rpm --help

I search for –list and find that you must specify –query and –package. Ok that makes sense. So I type in

rpm -qlp my.rpm

. Ah so package is different than file.


2 thoughts on “RPM sucks

  1. For ‘queries’ against the rpm database, you need to know the following:

    • if it’s a file, use p
    • If it’s a package, don’t

    So if you have bob-2.3.i386.rpm and you want to know what files it includes, you type “rpm -qpl bob-2.3.i386.rpm”. Once it installs you only need to say “rpm -ql bob”. Not that hard really.

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