"Average Joe 2: Hawaii" ARGH

Ok I admit it, I watched Average Joe 2: Hawaii and I was really disappointed with Larissa. It’s obvious that Brian, the average joe, would’ve been better for her, yet she choose the “pretty boy”. In the end, she got was she deserved “pretty boy” dumpped her when he found out she dated Fabio.

“pretty boy” was completely freaked out that Larissa dated Fabio, don’t know why though. I’m sure Brian wouldn’t have cared.


2 thoughts on “"Average Joe 2: Hawaii" ARGH

  1. It’s good to know that Jesus watches Average Joe 2…I don’t feel so bad now. Anyhow, I totally agree. It does appear though that Larissa and Gil are still in a relationship even though the program didn’t portray it as such. At least this is what they said on the news this morning.

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