Mozilla Thunderbird vs. Ximian Evolution

I’ve been using Fedora Core 1 for a few months now. I like it. I’m eagerly awaiting Core 2 due out sometime in April.

When I installed Fedora Core 1, Red Hat 8 & 9 before that, I was using Evolution as my email client. It has a lot of power like Calendar, a startup page with news and weather, ability to connect to Exchange, and a host of other things. At work we use Exchange for the calendaring (and companies like Exchange instead of SMTP/POP3 don’t know why). At home, I don’t need the features Evolution has to offer. One of the things I also don’t like is the alternating gray lines in it’s lists.

Prior to using Linux I used OS/2 Warp 4 (yes it’s still alive believe it or not), and my favorite OS/2 application was PMMail for email. I used it for 6 years and have yet to find a Linux mailer as nice.

I tried Balsa but like balsa wood, it felt soft and weak. Not as polished as Evolution or PMMail. Mozilla Mail seems too heavy weight since I don’t use Mozilla the browser either. So the saga continues.

When I switched to Firefox for browsing, I was impressed with its polish and speed. And I remembered Mozilla was working on a new mail client Thunderbird. I decided to give it a try. I’m pretty impressed with it so far. None of the extra corporate features of Evolution, but a nice simple interface (no alternating lines in the lists) and “feels” like the closest thing I’ve found to PMMail for Linux.

Unfortunately, making the switch from Evolution to Thunderbird required a little hack to get my Evolution email over to Thunderbird since there isn’t any import feature. I think Thunderbird would benefit with an email importer from Outlook, Outlook Express, Navigator, Mozilla Mail, Evolution, and standard mbox format. This will make it easier for users to switch to Thunderbird for their emailing needs.


7 thoughts on “Mozilla Thunderbird vs. Ximian Evolution

  1. actually Thunderbird imports from Eudora, OE, Outlook and Netscape. The trouble is that it cannot import from plain old mbox format even if it is its internal format 😦

  2. Like Marty, I would also like to know the hack because I would like to change from Evolution to Thunderbird. If you have the time, pop me an e-mail, thanks.

  3. I’d also love to hear how you imported mail from Evolution to Thunderbird. I’m thinking of switching over to Thunderbird, which is at 0.6 at the moment.


  4. Have you posted the information anyware about the hack you mentioned. I have just rebuilt my slackware box and don’t want to hack it to get evolution on it again and i like Thunderbird. Please contact me with the apropriate information

  5. Can you mail me that hack too plz?? I just came from evolution but can’t use it anymore.. (went back to windows :$:$)

    tnx in advance..

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