Can iTunes run on Linux?

I’ve gotten hooked on iTunes mainly for the online music store. I’ve been using Fedora Core 1 as my OS of choice at home and want to continue to use iTunes to purchase and burn (purchased) music.
So here are some thoughts and possible solutions to this problem.

1. Run iTunes in WINE and hope it works
2. Use a Virtual Machine like TwoOSTwo or VMWare which requires a copy of Windoze (which I have).

Has anyone tried to get iTunes to run on Linux? I’d like to hear your experiences. Please refrain from suggesting things like “Use Rythymbox”, “XMMS works great”, I know this already. But try and buy music from iTunes Music Store using those applications.


One thought on “Can iTunes run on Linux?

  1. I have run iTunes in vmware. I was able to access the music store, access my account and play songs. The only problem is that I never configured my virtual machine for audio support (it normally just runs sql server) so I didn’t verify I could actually hear the songs on the linux side. I assume that if you load the right audio drivers in the virtual machine, it will work fine.

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