In an effort to minimize computer noise, I purchased a new toy: Review
Super Flower Fan Master

Currently I have 4 80mm fans in my case, 3 are Vantec Stealth 80 mm fans, and one generic Power Logic 80mm fan. Also, I’ve got 3 SCSI hard drives two are 15,000 RPMs while the other is 10,000 RPMs. Surely these are the biggest source of my noise, but I refuse to part with them.

The Power Logic fan was directly in front of my hard drives, with the other Vantec fan. The other two Vantecs are at the rear of the case as exhaust. I checked out my hard drive temps, and they were at 27.0 degrees C. So I refactored my fans and hooked two to the Fan Master.

I removed the Power Logic fan. Moved the Vantec in front of the hard drives. Connected one of the Vantecs from the rear and the one in the front to the Fan Master (to control their speed). I closed up the case and fired her up. Just removing the Power Logic made a HUGE difference in noise level (crappy @$$ fan). I’ve currently got both Vantecs that are connected running at minimum RPMs (1150). My drive temps are little higher at 27.7 degrees C, but nothing to worry about.

I also bought some PAX.mate acoustic absorption material. I will install this soon and see how much better things can get. I will report as a soon as I get it installed.


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