iTunes ARGH

A few months ago I decided to give iTunes a try. I got hooked. It was SOOOOO easy to purchase the songs I wanted.

Recently, I had a new profile created on my Windoze box as part of a network migration. My old profile was left behind. I was happily using iTunes and my other programs. Once I verified everything was ok, I blew away my old profile.

Apparently, this is where my iTunes music was (even though I had changed My Documents to point to d:\data). Luckily all of the songs (except a recent album purchase) were also at home. According to iTunes policy

Policy snippet
When you purchase a song from the iTunes Music Store, you’re allowed to download it once. To play purchased music on a different computer, just copy the song files and authorize that computer. You can authorize up to three computers to play your purchased music.

Once you’ve found your purchased music files, use any of these methods to copy them to another computer.

I’m waiting to hear back from Apple regarding this issue. I’m kinda hoping they’ll let me get my last purchase back. I doubt it, but it’s worth a try.

I knew I’d get myself in trouble buying music online, and only having a copy on a computer. With a physical CD, I simply make sure I don’t scratch it, and I’m usually golden. But with the online music, I have to make several copies to ensure I can keep it as long as a regular CD.



I was able to get Apple to make an exception to the rule. I was able to download my most recent purchase which was the one I lost anyway. I’ve now learned my lesson, burn the songs to music CDs and data CDs for backup.


One thought on “iTunes ARGH

  1. You might also want to check out PlayFair (if you can find a copy from a mirror somewhere) which was mentioned on slashdot a couple days back. PlayFair can help you unlock your song files so you can avoid losing them.

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