eComStation (aka OS/2)

Many rumors have claimed that OS/2 is dead (just like many have claimed that Elvis is dead), but we all know that both are alive and well. OS/2 is (and has been) distributed by Serenity Systems under the name of eComStation, which is e-Commerce workStation.

Serenity Systems has released the product roadmap for eComStation. And if anyone thinks, “but I bet there are no decent applications for eComStation”. You’re wrong again. Check out the following list.

1) OpenOffice
2) GCC for OS/2
3) Java
4) Macromedia Flash
5) Acrobat Reader

6) TrueType Font support
7) Universal Audio Drivers
8) Watcom C/C++ compiler

If you’re looking for an alternative to Windows, and Linux is too complex for you, give eComStation a try.


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