Linux Tip: Scanner not found?

After upgrading to Fedora Core 2, I’ve been generally happy with it. I decided to give my HP ScanJet 5p SCSI scanner a shot. I start GIMP 2.0 (nice by the way), and choose “Acquire -> XSane: Device dialog…”. The result is “no devices available”.

ARGH! This is yet another issue with Linux compared with Windows. Linux recognizes my scanner since it it is displayed by dmesg.

  Vendor: HP        Model: C5110A            Rev: 3638
  Type:   Processor                          ANSI SCSI revision: 02

This is odd. So I run xsane from the command line and still the same result. Su to root and run xsane, it finds my scanner. Bingo! Permisions problem. I do:

chmod 666 /dev/sg0

Restart GIMP, and viola, I can scan. Again, from a user’s point of view, I shouldn’t have to do this. It should be automatic or during installation I should be asked “Allow non-root to use scanner?” Personally everyone should be able to use the scanner, so it should’ve been setup correctly by default.


One thought on “Linux Tip: Scanner not found?

  1. Did you have to reboot after doing chmod 666 /dev/sg0? I have the exact same scanner and the exact same problem. I have tried doing exactly what you did and when I run xsane as root I get it still can’t find the scanner. But dmesg shows linux sees it? Oh and I agree with you, it should work right after you plug it in for everyone. If this is indeed a permissions issue, how stupid is that. Its just a scanner!!!!

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