My Birthday present

For my birthday I got a shiny new 20GB Apple iPod. It came in a nice 5″x5″ black cube. You slide the cover off of the box, which reveals a clamshell box sealed with a 1 inch circular piece of tape. The box was so nice, I didn’t want to rip the tape, so I carefully peeled it back, opened the clamshell to reveal the beautiful iPod. I pulled the iPod out and it was engraved with my name on the back. That was a wonderful touch.

Apple has done a wonderful job in design and finishing touches. Every detail is perfect. Liz said even the shopping experience was better than most other online stores.

The one problem I ran into was that my old decrepit PIII 650 doesn’t have Firewire ports on it. I’ll be hitting Best Buy on the way home to get a new Adaptec FireWire PCI card.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.


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