Sendmail & local ISP

I’ve always had my machines attempt to send me email at my isp address but they always got bounced back.
So I finally set out to determine how to get sendmail to use my ISPs smtp server to send out email. And it turns out be a trivial task, but one I will document here for others to use:

You must be root to do this and stop sendmail:

/sbin/service sendmail stop

Always backup your configuration files otherwise, don’t come crying to me when your is 0 bytes.

cd /etc/mail
cp sendmail_cf.bak
cp sendmail_mc.bak

Edit (uncomment or add)


Ensure you have sendmail-cf installed, otherwise install it.

rpm -q sendmail-cf
yum -y install sendmail-cf

Now rebuild and restart sendmail.

m4 >
/sbin/service sendmail start

3 thoughts on “Sendmail & local ISP

  1. No one should ever get flamed for not using the command line. I’d be perfectly happy if every admin task was available through a UI in Linux. And I think it would make it even more popular for the home user.

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