Firefox Tip: multiple homepages

This might have been around since Mozilla added tabbed browsing, but Firefox has the ability to have multiple pages start as your home page.

For instance, when I open up Firefox, I want one tab to go straight to Google and the other to my blog. Here’s how you do it:

1) Start Firefox and setup the tabs to the sites you want
2) Open the Preferences page:
Edit -> Preferences -> General.
3) Click the “User Current Pages” button.

That’s it. Notice that it simply puts in a PIPE (|) character between each URL.

Click to enlarge

Now this works well at startup, but not so much when you press the Home button which promptly opens two tabs, and if you’re currently in a tab the first homepage appears there then a new tab is opened the second homepage.

perl tip for newbies like me

Need a quick way to replace a string in a lot of files? I’ve found the following useful:

perl -pi -e 's@@@g' 

To replace c:owt with c:out in all *.jsp files and make a backup with the extension .org use the following command:

perl -e 's@c:owt@c:out@g' *.jsp


This afternoon around 4pm, we went to meet Adán pre-school class and teachers. I can’t believe he’s going to be three years old. It was just yesterday he was sleeping on my chest while we napped on the couch. Time flies.

We’ve been worrying whether he’d be ok in pre-school, especially since he’s not fully potty trained, and rarely if ever is away from mommy or me. But after today, we think he’ll do just fine. I think we’re the ones that will have a hard time.

Yard Sale a SUCCESS!

Yesterday, Liz ran a multi-family yard sale which was held at our house. She did an awesome job in the planning from creating bright, large signs; getting change from the bank to be able to make change for the shoppers; and hosting the yard sale at the house.

The yard sale was from 7:30am to noon, but there were some diehard shoppers here at 6:45am. And they are ruthless, while Liz and her friends were moving the sellable items out of the garage, customers were trying to “buy” stuff in my garage, “Is this for sale? How about this?”

Around 9:00 am I peered out the window to see our block full of cars all heading to our yard sale. It’s a really interesting phenomenon. The signs were only put out Friday afternoon as the only advertisement but that was enough to garner a huge crowd. There were all walks of life from old retirees looking for a nik-nak, to new mothers looking to buy some great baby stuff, to Hispanic construction workers looking for a nice toy for their children. It was a great sight.

I’ve always wondered what would sell well at a yard sale, and found the answer yesterday. Baby equipment and clothing goes really well, as do Disney videos. Cassette tapes and CDs work well too. What doesn’t work is OLD computer equipment, that’s best left to eBay. I tried hard to ditch my IBM PS/2 Model 77 but no takers especially since most folks wanted a good starter computer to play games. The PS/2 is NOT a gaming machine especially with no sound card. It would make a great firewall or some other low powered Linux server.