Myrtle Beach, SC

Well, our first vacation in two years went well. We went to Myrtle Beach, SC for the week. We stayed at an extended stay hotel called Staybridge Suites. The room had to bedrooms which made putting the kids to sleep a lot easier.

We got there on Monday, August 2nd. Adán was begging to go to the beach the whole way down. So we managed to compromise and take him to the pool at the hotel. I got Adán ready while Liz got Marco ready. I went down first with Adán. And within a minute after I foolishly removed his “swim shoes” he slipped and busted his lip. Blood was gushing and my t-shirt was covered in it as I tried to use it to stop the bleeding. The great thing about kids is they recover from injury very quickly, within hours Adán was jumping around again. I was afraid his injury was going to be the way the rest of the week went, thankfully it wasn’t.

We only went to the beach one day, its too much work to pack up our stuff for a few hours at the beach. But we did do a lot of sightseeing. On Tuesday, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Adán loved all the guitars on the wall. Marco loved the french fries 🙂 After lunch, we checked out Ripley’s Aquarium at Broadyway on the Beach. The aquarium was ok, but not really worth the $15 per adult, especially if you’ve ever been to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Wednesday was beach day which put me in the mood for seafood. The had a Phillips Restuarant. I was dying to have REAL Maryland Crab Cakes, since the ones in North Carolina wouldn’t pass for crab cakes in Maryland. So I ordered the crab cake dinner with two baseball sized crab cakes loaded with lump crab meat. It was AWESOME.

We spent the afternoon and evening at Broadway at the beach on Thursday. We checked out the shops, including Liz’ favorite, the Fudge Factory. We had dinner at Yamamoto Steakhouse. It wasn’t anything spectacular, pretty run of the mill Japanese steak house.

After dinner, we took Adán and Marco to the carnival rides. They loved the spinning “drums”, more like tea cups. The merry-go-round was a hit as well, but only after Adán go to ride the lion. He was big enough to get on the airplanes by himself. His first unsupervised ride. <tear> Kids grow up way too fast.

Friday was check out day, so we came home. The week turned out very well.


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