Replacing Tiles with Sitemesh

Finally, a Java related post. Our project chose Struts as our web application framework. We needed ability to specify layouts, so we used Tiles, but it is extremely intrusive in our development process. Having to map the struts actions to tiles definitions, then making the tiles definitions, then writing the JSP pages were a pain for all of our developers. We just wanted to write our pages, then design and put in our layouts.

That’s when I found Sitemesh. Sitemesh is great. It is far less invasive, actually, it’s NONinvasive. I can write my JSP pages using Struts, my struts-config now maps my actions to jsp pages instead of tiles defs, and define a single layout “decorator” for our site. I’m in the process of ripping out tiles from our project and replacing it with Sitemesh. I will report on how the transition goes.


2 thoughts on “Replacing Tiles with Sitemesh

  1. Please report your progress! I want to do this as well, with a couple of our struts/tiles apps. Seems like the right way to go.

  2. I’ll second Robert’s comments above — Please let us know how the migration goes. I am in the process of exploring a bunch of web-app frameworks for some new development and want to see how Sitemesh fits in. thanks

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