One of my favorite new shows on TLC is Overhaulin. So if I ever got overhauled, this is what I’d like done to the Bird.

1. Replace stock T/A hood with a Ram Air hood.
2. Rebuild the LT-1 V8 engine preferably increase the horsepower from 275 to >300.
3. Replace the wheels with 17″ 5 spoke rims (like to keep it stock as possible)
4. Replace the Kumho 245/50ZR16 with some Yokohama AVS Sport (they’re the closests to the Firstone SZ50s I used to have)
5. Replace stock exhaust with a Borla exhaust.
6. Lower the cars ride height by an inch or two using Eibach springs and new performance shocks
7. Add a strut tower brace
8. To stiffen the body a bit, sub frame connectors
9. Re-upholster the interior with new leather, preferably removing the plastic backings of the front seats
10. Add a 10-disc CD changer, and integrate my current stereo with the steering wheel controls (again)
11. Replace the panhard rod, and the rear arms

That should about do it.


2 thoughts on “Overhaulin

  1. I only watch it when it has be Tivo’d. I dont
    like the stupid acting the guy and girl do to
    “steal” the cars.

    I also like the great biker build off, and Monter
    Garage. I have not seen the new episode of
    Motorcycle Mania. Kid Rock is supposed to be on
    with Jesse James. Maybe it is later this month

  2. I forgot one more thing. Instead of rebuilding
    the motor. Drop in a Banks twin turbo. Gene Banks
    was on an episode of Horsepower TV and his crate
    motors with twin turbos turn out 1,100 HP. The
    single turbos turn out 600HP.

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