Adan turns 3

Today Adán turns 3! I can’t believe how fast time flies. I swear it was just yesterday he was taking a nap with me on the couch.

Adán has progressed nicely. He’s been doing extremely well with the potty training he’s almost fully indepedent with it. His speech has improved a lot in the past few weeks with full sentences instead of fragments.

For his birthday he got a guitar from Abuelo Paco, who past away last year. Adán loves it. And has thanked him for it in his prayers.

Happy Birthday Adán


Today I got my VoIP phone adapter from Vonage. I’m trying to reduce my telecommunications costs so I figured I’d give this a try. Installation was trivial, though not sure if I like the setup. The Vonage instructions said to put the phone adapter between my cable modem and my Linksys Router which seems very backwards to me. I like everything behind my router because of security.

Having the router get its IP address from the phone adapter caused my ddclient to freak out since the router now has an internal IP
address instead of the external one it used to have. I’ll have to fix ddclient to talk to the Motorola phone adapter OR move the phone adapter inside my router. The instructions state that if you move the phone adapter behind the router you will lose the Quality of Service feature which seems important for decent calls.

I will report back with updated news.

Adan wants to go to college

This morning Adán put on his Dr. Seuss backpack and said, “I want to go to college.” Liz & I bursted out laughing because it was SOOOOOO CUTE! He promptly said, “Don’t laugh at me” so we explained we weren’t laughing AT him.

He then said, “Go to college, on blue bus like Steve“. This is a reference to Steve the host of Blue’s Clues who left for “college”.

Potty Week

This past week, Liz & Adán had their version of the Navy’s “Hell Week”. Liz stayed home the entire week to potty train Adán. There were several accidents and a few resistant moments, but on Friday, Adán went to the potty by himself (Liz wasn’t far behind).

In addition to the potty training Liz was getting ready for a huge yard sale that was held yesterday, 8/21/2004.