Bush' "so-called" energy plan

The most recent thing I’ve found annoying is with the Bush
administrations so called energy policy. Here’s a portion of his Energy
policy (source: Bush’ Energy Plan).

Increase Domestic Energy Supplies and Protect the Environment

Encourage safe and clean exploration at home. America must
reduce its dependence on foreign sources of oil and natural
gas by encouraging safe and clean exploration at home. Modern
technology allows us to bring oil and gas to the surface cleanly
and safely while protecting our environment and wildlife. Using
the most advanced technologies, the environmentally responsible
exploration and development of the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge (ANWR) could provide up to 1 million barrels per day of
oil for the Nation?s energy security with less than 2,000 acres
of impact.

Instead of looking for alternatives, they want to keep
us dependent on fossil fuels, which makes sense since
that’s where the Bush-Cheney families make their money.

The other thing they don’t understand is economics.
The reason we buy oil from foreign sources is NOT because
we can’t make it here, it’s price. It’s cheaper to produce
oil in the Middle East that it is here in the US. Both in
terms of labor costs as well as the fact that it just seeps
out of the ground in the Middle East as opposed to the
layers of rock we must drill with here.

Increase the use of domestically produced ethanol and biodiesel
as transportation fuel through a flexible credit trading system.

Ethanol & biodiesel are corn based which he uses to get
the farm vote. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing,
though I would put more emphasis on this than trying to
drill for more oil.

Increase domestic oil and gas production using royalty relief and
innovative research and development.

Again, still harping on “domestic oil”.

Simplify the permit process and help ensure the construction of
a natural gas pipeline from Alaska. When complete, the pipeline
will provide 6 to 8 percent of the Nation?s daily consumption of
natural gas for the growing U.S. economy.

Natural Gas is good. But “simplify the permit process”?
Does that mean allow anyone to destroy the environment
to build a pipeline? I want cheap gas and clean natural
gas as well, but not at the expense of the environment.

Increase production of fossil and renewable energy resources on
Federal and Tribal lands, including measures to expedite
permitting for new energy supply and siting of infrastructure.

Again with the fossil fuels. The Federal lands being
targeted are national forests. Not to mention the fact
that Tribal lands are the Indian reservations. How much
more do we have to do to the Native Americans of this

Permanently authorize the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to protect
American consumers from potentially severe oil supply disruptions.

Now this is probably the ONLY thing that makes sense.
We do have to preserve our Strategic Petroleum Reserve,
but we should be looking for ways to get OFF of petroleum
to avoid the NEED for the SPR.

That’s just a small sampling of his so called Energy policy. I’m tired
now, I could go on for days about the moronic messages coming from the
current administration.

Marco turns one.

Happy First Birthday to Marco! He has grown up so fast. Marco & Adán interact so much more now it’s great. Marco has got a sweet personality, always smiling and happy.

iN DEMAND bans Michael Moore

Michael Moore is considering taking legal action against a US cable pay-per-view TV company for dumping his pre-election special, which included the airing of his controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

The cable company, iN DEMAND, said it based its decision to drop the program on “legitimate business and legal concerns.”

The US$9.95, 3 hour pay-per-view special…

Read more…

This is truly amazing that in a country where we talk about freedom, free speech, and capitalism yet Michael Moore can’t get his movie played on the air.


As President of the United States, George W. Bush, a man of received wisdom, has a large history from which to receive wisdom. But, he chooses to ignore it. As Kennedy states here, in order to be a great leader one must also learn.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
— John F. Kennedy

President Bush claims that the best way to combat terrorism is to spread freedom. However, instead of spreading freedom through peace he chooses to spread it through war.

"Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind."
— John F. Kennedy

Eclipse tip: finding references to methods and/or classes

I stumbled on a very cool feature in Eclipse “References”. It allows you to find classes which refer to a particular method or class.

To invoke right-mouse click on a method name in a class, click References -> Project.
It will display a Search tab with a list of all the classes and the methods
which call the particular method you selected.

The same is true if you right-mouse click on a classname.


Ah yes, please go out and vote. Your vote DOES count even if your
state leans towards a different candidate (like they do here in NC, lean
to the right). Also, you must vote if you want to complain or praise
about politics in the future. I really dislike when folks don’t vote
and complain about the current administration. If you don’t like it,
vote against it. If you do like it, vote for it (except I don’t
think anyone is happy with the current administration).

Now, I didn’t want to rewrite what I sent out once before. So here
it is again.

I’ve already made up my mind for the election. I’m
voting against George “dumbass” Bush and his cronies. As well, as
reevaluating who I elect to Congress since they are equally important
since they make the laws in this country. Most folks only care
about who they elect for president. But congressman, judges,
senators, councilman, everyone is important. Like Liz said,
please educate yourself on your candidates.

It’s amazing how much the Bush Administration has managed to piss off
the rest of the world with the attack on Iraq. He had a prime
opportunity after Sept. 11th to get the world behind us and leading a
well planned fight against terrorism. I truly believe that Al-Qaeda is
behind all of this terrorism and the Bush administration has lost focus
of this. Actually, they never had such focus, they were too busy
planning to attack Iraq from day one of his presidency.

The other thing that has annoyed me about this election year is the
topic of Vietnam service and “flip-flop”. Personally, the Democrats
should stop talking about Bush’ Vietnam record because we had the same
type of president when Clinton was running. But Clinton was much
smarter than Bush. Bush is a “received” wisdom type of person. One who
gets his wisdom from others only. In contrast, Clinton would not only
listen to what his colleagues had to say, but also study and try to
understand the problem he was asked to solve.

As far as the flip-flopping goes, most folks will change their minds on
topics if it doesn’t meet their criteria. For instance, what commonly
occurs with bills in Congress is there is typically one major piece to
be voted on i.e. funding the war, etc. When Kerry was “for” the bill,
it was with a caveat that the tax cuts be rescinded. When they were
not, he voted against the bill. This is called LOGIC. Changing
one’s mind isn’t really a bad trait. I personally think that one
who would stick to a decision that is wrong is worse. But also,
Bush has had his “flip-flop” moments. Against the 9/11 commission,
for the 911 commission, opposes dept of homeland security, then
supports it, goes to war against Iraq without UN, now wants their
help. That’s just a small list of “flip-flops”. Like I stated
earlier, that’s not necessarily bad. He obviously realized that
somethings weren’t such a bad idea after all. But don’t accuse
others of “flip-flopping”, those of us who think often change
our minds when we realize we were wrong.

Now I’m on a roll, another thing that annoys me is the attack that John
Kerry already has millions of dollars of spending planned. What the
do you call paying for the war? Paying for tax cuts? Do people
honestly believe these are FREE? Nothing in this world is FREE
(free as in no price tag)! There is always a price not always a monetary
price, but a price nonetheless. Just look at the war in Iraq? Not only
is it costing us billions of dollars, but also in American lives. We
have also managed to piss off the rest of the world which could easily
turn around and ask for UN sanctions against the US? Now is this worth
the price of admission?

I, for one, do not think that Bush is the right person for this country.
He may have been able to run Texas, but not a country. And yes,
Texas is NOT a country.

Against war, must be anti-troops

Why is it that if one is against war that they must not support our troops? Personally, I wish we never have to go to war, that way we don’t put our troops in harms way. There are times like after Pearl Harbor when the US entered into World War II, and after 9/11 when we attacked Afghanistan. But I feel that the Iraq war was unnecessary and put our troops in unnecessary danger. But just because I don’t think we should be in Iraq, does NOT mean I don’t support our troops. It’s those very same troops that allow me to have the freedom to write this commentary. And why I “fight” here to bring the troops home to their families to enjoy the freedom they fight for.