Against war, must be anti-troops

Why is it that if one is against war that they must not support our troops? Personally, I wish we never have to go to war, that way we don’t put our troops in harms way. There are times like after Pearl Harbor when the US entered into World War II, and after 9/11 when we attacked Afghanistan. But I feel that the Iraq war was unnecessary and put our troops in unnecessary danger. But just because I don’t think we should be in Iraq, does NOT mean I don’t support our troops. It’s those very same troops that allow me to have the freedom to write this commentary. And why I “fight” here to bring the troops home to their families to enjoy the freedom they fight for.


One thought on “Against war, must be anti-troops

  1. Are you serious? Troops (i.e. soldiers) have only one *real* job- to fight. If there is no battle or war to be fought, they don’t really have a job to do. Therefore, if you are against war, you are against our troops having jobs. Furthermore, you are obviously a communist since jobs are basis of capitalism.

    Actually, I am being sarcastic. I have no idea why people believe that. They are idiots. In fact, quite the opposite is true. If you really, truly are “for the troops”, you do everything damn thing to keep them safe so that if and when the time comes, they will do everything to keep us safe.

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