iN DEMAND bans Michael Moore

Michael Moore is considering taking legal action against a US cable pay-per-view TV company for dumping his pre-election special, which included the airing of his controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

The cable company, iN DEMAND, said it based its decision to drop the program on “legitimate business and legal concerns.”

The US$9.95, 3 hour pay-per-view special…

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This is truly amazing that in a country where we talk about freedom, free speech, and capitalism yet Michael Moore can’t get his movie played on the air.


4 thoughts on “iN DEMAND bans Michael Moore

  1. I wonder which half of the movie is true? The fact that no Senator signed the protest by the Congressional Black Caucus after the 2000 election? Or the incestous relationship of the Bush family with Saudi Arabia? Or maybe the Iraqi people minding their own business just before the war started? Or maybe it was when Bush announced on an aircraft carrier that the fighting was over.

  2. I am not the same guy who posted the original message, but you might wanna checkout the following URL which pretty much criticizes 59 aspects of the movie.. I think this will give you a better balance as to what the other side is sayin!!..

    While I was pretty much hurt by the images of casualty (Iraqies as well as Americans) due to the Iraq war, I donot think the Bush folks’ Saudi connection had anything to do with it. Anyway I was very dissappointed that Hamid Karzai was related to Bush Sr’s unical, giving unbridled access to weatlh for Bush Family.

    Lastly I am very dissappointed for fighting against even Afghanistan in retaliation to 9/11. The policy seems very short sighted. To me war should be used as a last resort and only for defence!. Where is the leadership here!

  3. Whats is unfair though is the fact that Sinclair will air a documentary that is exclsively Anti Kerry before the election. This documentary was done exclusively for election purposes.

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