Bush' "so-called" energy plan

The most recent thing I’ve found annoying is with the Bush
administrations so called energy policy. Here’s a portion of his Energy
policy (source: Bush’ Energy Plan).

Increase Domestic Energy Supplies and Protect the Environment

Encourage safe and clean exploration at home. America must
reduce its dependence on foreign sources of oil and natural
gas by encouraging safe and clean exploration at home. Modern
technology allows us to bring oil and gas to the surface cleanly
and safely while protecting our environment and wildlife. Using
the most advanced technologies, the environmentally responsible
exploration and development of the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge (ANWR) could provide up to 1 million barrels per day of
oil for the Nation?s energy security with less than 2,000 acres
of impact.

Instead of looking for alternatives, they want to keep
us dependent on fossil fuels, which makes sense since
that’s where the Bush-Cheney families make their money.

The other thing they don’t understand is economics.
The reason we buy oil from foreign sources is NOT because
we can’t make it here, it’s price. It’s cheaper to produce
oil in the Middle East that it is here in the US. Both in
terms of labor costs as well as the fact that it just seeps
out of the ground in the Middle East as opposed to the
layers of rock we must drill with here.

Increase the use of domestically produced ethanol and biodiesel
as transportation fuel through a flexible credit trading system.

Ethanol & biodiesel are corn based which he uses to get
the farm vote. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing,
though I would put more emphasis on this than trying to
drill for more oil.

Increase domestic oil and gas production using royalty relief and
innovative research and development.

Again, still harping on “domestic oil”.

Simplify the permit process and help ensure the construction of
a natural gas pipeline from Alaska. When complete, the pipeline
will provide 6 to 8 percent of the Nation?s daily consumption of
natural gas for the growing U.S. economy.

Natural Gas is good. But “simplify the permit process”?
Does that mean allow anyone to destroy the environment
to build a pipeline? I want cheap gas and clean natural
gas as well, but not at the expense of the environment.

Increase production of fossil and renewable energy resources on
Federal and Tribal lands, including measures to expedite
permitting for new energy supply and siting of infrastructure.

Again with the fossil fuels. The Federal lands being
targeted are national forests. Not to mention the fact
that Tribal lands are the Indian reservations. How much
more do we have to do to the Native Americans of this

Permanently authorize the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to protect
American consumers from potentially severe oil supply disruptions.

Now this is probably the ONLY thing that makes sense.
We do have to preserve our Strategic Petroleum Reserve,
but we should be looking for ways to get OFF of petroleum
to avoid the NEED for the SPR.

That’s just a small sampling of his so called Energy policy. I’m tired
now, I could go on for days about the moronic messages coming from the
current administration.


One thought on “Bush' "so-called" energy plan

  1. Biodiesel is soy based not corn, and is almost the same price as diesel to produce (20 to 30% more).

    ANWR is a remote piece of ICE probably the least amount of flora and fauna on earth if you can’t drill there, where can you drill?

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