Election 2004

I’m saddened by the fact that the people of the United States would be willing to re-elect President Bush for another term. But I can take pride in that I was not part of that majority, I voted for John Kerry and John Edwards.

It will be interesting to see who the Democrats put up in 2008. I’m betting the following will give it a go for President: Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, or Borack Obama.

My predictions for the next four years with President Bush at the helm are as follows:

1. We will be out of Iraq, but a new fundamentalist Islamic regime will take over
2. North Korea will have a strong Nuclear (or as Bush says it: New-cue-ler) program
3. Iran will be under tough sanctions and the threat of war will loom
4. The deficit will be at $1.2 trillion dollars
5. Osama bin Laden will still be making videos treatening the US
6. Abortion will continue to be legal, but more restrictions like parental notification for minors will occur.


9 thoughts on “Election 2004

  1. The deficit is already more than 7.1 trillion dollars. More than 500 billion was added just this year – and that does not include money taken out of Social Security.

    Osama is succeeding under Bush. We are headed towards bankruptcy.

  2. It totally sucks. Its a shame that such a large segment of the american public is so easily manipulated on these “wedge issues”.. and don’t bother to think for themselves. The anger and sense of moral superiority from the conservitatives is horrifying..

  3. I noticed that Al Gore has actually inmproved his oratory skills. What liberals need is JK like brains on policy and with Clinton’s oratory skills. Clinton could connect to people so easily. While Bush is known to be naive, he is generally considered more likable. Kerry seems emotionless when communicating which makes for good conversation and diplomacy, but is bad for marketing. Bush’s stupidity is what connects him to people!, it adds to the marketing aspect…

  4. To the first commenter, the DEBT is 7.1 trillion. The DEFICIT is 500 billion. And, yes, while extremely alarming, it is also a smaller percentage of the GDP than it has been in the past.

    To Jesus, do you actually have a clue what a “fundamentalist Christian” is, or you do just throw that label on any Protestant who is pro-life? George W. Bush is a moderate Methodist. Bill and Hillary Clinton are also Methodists.

    I’m sure my opinions aren’t valid or carefully thought out in your eyes, since I voted Bush and, thus, must’ve followed some ignorant herd mentality. But I’ll throw them out here anyway.

    1) We will still be in Iraq in 4 years, though the nature and level of our military presence will undoubtedly be different. Perhaps we may try to establish a base there, such as we have in Germany, but on a much smaller scale. I feel this will be a similar situation to the one we have in South Korea, though. Those troops have been there for decades.

    2) Significant pressure will be brought to bear against North Korea, not only by us but also by its neighbors. North Korea is a more immediate problem than Iran, since it is central to the black market network for weapons trade. The fall of North Korea pulls a supplier away from Iran. How its fall comes about, I don’t know…but this was likely our next “target” (if that’s what you want to call it), whether Bush or Kerry was elected. Bush will be tough with North Korea. I doubt John Kerry would have been less tough with them, though.

    3) Iran is already under sanctions. I find it somewhat unlikely that we go to war with Iran over the next decade, given the unpopularity of their religious leadership at home. Iran is in serious economic disarray and has the potential to become another Soviet Union. My prediction is the current Iranian government will slowly crumble over the course of the next decade without our going to war.

    4) I cannot speak to the deficit. The Bush Administration has a plan to cut it in half over the next several years, but it’s up to Congress to be fiscally responsible. This may or may not have worked out better under a Kerry administration. Republicans (who control the congress) seem to be much more fiscally conservative under an opposition party in control of the executive branch, which we had under Clinton and would have had under Kerry. On the other hand, Kerry’s Health Care plan was monstrously expensive. 1.5 to 2.2 trillion dollars over 10 years, and you’re only going to pull in 600 to 900 billion by rolling back the tax cuts for the top bracket. In this end, I think this issue boils down to a matter of which projections you choose to believe.

    5) Osama may or may not continue to make videos. John Kerry used rhetoric during the campaign about President Bush ‘outsourcing’ the job of capturing him in Tora Bora to Afghan warlords (politically calculated, since ‘outsourcing’ is officially a dirty word). The truth is special forces were embedded with Afghan forces in Tora Bora. Our troops were on the ground getting things done, not waiting on the Afghans to find him on their own. Warlords were paid off to quell resistance and the sort of insurgency you see today in Iraq. And, yes, they were paid for their help as well. Ultimately, though, the matter of catching UBL seems to be another one of opinion. John Kerry didn’t do or say anything that convinced me he would be more effective than President Bush in hunting down Usama Bin Ladin. Apparently he did convince you, and that’s perfectly fine with me.

    6) Abortion will still be legal, and yes, there will be certain restrictions placed on it. People who decry President Bush on this matter as trampling on women’s rights probably need to take a little time to study the history of Roe vs. Wade. Roe v Wade granted federal protection for the rights of women to seek an abortion, but never in a completely unfettered manner. The management and restrictions surrounding abortion have always been in the realm of the state legislatures, with the exception of how federal tax revenues are directed. States have always placed some manner of restrictions on abortion, and they always will. They did under President Clinton, they do under President Bush, and they would have under a President Kerry. If you don’t like the law in Florida, don’t bitch about President Bush. Write to the Florida legislature and/or maybe write a letter to Jeb Bush. But don’t pretend that state restrictions on abortion are a new thing with this President. You’re whining about something that existed ever since abortion was made legal in the first place.

  5. Marius, I applaud you for leaving your name in your comment as many do not. And to answer your question about “do you actually have a clue what a “fundamentalist Christian” is”. I would say yes, I do. I wasn’t trying to say that Bush was a fundamentalist Christian, only that they support Bush and the Republican conservative way.
    Also, being Roman Catholic myself, I would tend to call Protestants, fundamentalist Christians.

    I appreciate your other points. Very good in deed. I will definitely be interesting to see what happens in the next four years.

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