There is a God

Well, in the bizarre twist that is my life, my Trans Am has fallin
ill. On the way home last night at the corner of Old Wake Forest
Road and Capital, I swerved to avoid a box. But I couldn’t avoid it
and ran over it. Immediately, I heard a big boom and the car “jumped”
as if I ran over a big box with something in it. White smoke everywhere.

I pulled over, and turned off the car. I got out opened the hood
and smelled burning oil. “Crap” I thought to myself. Looked
under the car and saw oil pouring out. The car filled with smoke.
At this point I’m both pissed and curious. What was it that
I ran over?

I walked back to see what was in the box. I noticed a large
automobile piece in the road, I ran to get it. “This must’ve
been what was in the box”. I look for a payphone (which
are practically non-existent these days). Called from the
Just Tires on Capital to get my wife to pick me up. I went
back to the car to wait. I looked at the piece that I hit
some more.

It looked like a steering column. But it wasn’t very new.
Hmm odd. Looked back at the box, now flying around, not much
around except some stuffed animals and what looks like a CD.
After further examining the car part, I noticed “… GM Service”.
Could it be? Holy crap, it’s from MY CAR!!!!! In the street,
I could see a scrap in the asphault and a divot. Then a trail
of oil. It all makes sense now, the white smoke, the busted
oil pan, and the “jump”. It wasn’t the car, it was the coincidence
that my steering shaft busted as I was turning to avoid running over
a box.

So this is how I start my holiday vacation. Never a dull
moment. It’s also how my week has been going. I’ll be
getting it towed tomorrow and hopefully, it can be fixed
since I don’t really want a new car right now. 😦