Car update

On December 23rd, I had AAA go tow my car to the body shop. While waiting for the tow truck, I found the rest of the steering gear that I ran over. Turns out this is NOT the steering gear from my Trans Am, but some part that just happened to be in the road that night. I’ll post pictures of the steering gear tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, I rented a car today to get me around while my Trans Am is in the shop. I got a cool blue
Mazda 3.
Now this isn’t a Trans Am in terms of horsepower, but this little car rocks. It has a CD player, great head and leg
room (more than my Trans Am), and the automatic has a sport shift mode to allow me to switch gears. I’m looking forward
to giving this baby a nice thorough test drive.


2 thoughts on “Car update

  1. A Miata has more head and leg room than your T/A.
    If the T/A did not have T tops you would have never
    fit in the car to begin with! 🙂

  2. Where did you rent it? I’m thinking of buying a Mazda 3 (loved my RX-7 yrs. ago) and would like to know where I can rent one to try it out on a trip.

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