Crossover Office Pro

I’ve been using CodeWeavers’ Crossover Office Pro on Fedora Core 3 for 3 weeks now. I’m really impressed with its Quicken support. Quicken 2002 Deluxe runs quite well in Crossover Office. Sounds works, fonts render well, and the installation went without any hiccups. What doesn’t work (at least I haven’t gotten it to work) is the internet features.

There have been reports that iTunes works in Crossover Office, but I have had no luck installing it. Always hangs when installing the Intel 32 bit driver or something like that.

Overall, Crossover Office is a great product. I’ll try installing TaxCut later this month to see how that runs
in it.


One thought on “Crossover Office Pro

  1. I’ve been impressed as well and have even gotten MS Money 2004 installed on Crossover. For those times when you have to have a windows only app, and don’t want a full VM, you can’t beat Crossover.

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