Latest desktop (Fedora Core 2)

As I stated earlier, I like to troll some of the gnome websites looking for
new icons & themes.
Here’s a thumbnail of my current desktop (click to enlarge):

I’m using the
metacity theme, which gives me the nice blue border around the windows.
I find it to be clean and not very gaudy.

For the GTK widgets, I went with the Smooth-Scooped theme. When I first applied it, it did not look as smooth as the one in the preview. Turns out I needed to install the Smooth theme engine, which can be found at Once the engine was installed that gave me the sleek and smooth menus.

In Fedora, the GNOME menu is as the bottom of the screen, in other distributions the put a small GNOME menu at the top of the screen. As you can see in my desktop preview, I put a small (24 pixel) menu at the top of the screen, then added another 64 pixel menu to the left with all of the main applications.

The icons I’m using is GNANT,
which I modified to extend GnoMetal. I like the GnoMetal
icons for the web browser, email, and OpenOffice (they are the top 5 icons on the taskbar above). Here’s
a sampling of the GNANT icons as seen in Nautilus


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