"Fingers speak?"

A few weeks ago we were eating dinner, Liz & I were talking, when Adán asked me about what I just said.
I told him it was a ‘figure of speech’. His face looked surprised and he immediately looked at his hands and asked my “fingers speak”? We all erupted in laughter.

What I hate about perl

I hate the

return something unless condition.

This hurts my brain since I read from left to right I think return? What about the rest of the function? Oh it’s unless. I prefer:

if (condition)
	return something;

Also, the lack of types annoys me. I often wonder, “what am I looking at again? oh an int, no wait it’s a string, hmm, actually it’s all of the above, ARGH!”

I hate the grep function in perl. That’s just evil.

There is much much more, but that’s it for now.