What I hate about perl

I hate the

return something unless condition.

This hurts my brain since I read from left to right I think return? What about the rest of the function? Oh it’s unless. I prefer:

if (condition)
	return something;

Also, the lack of types annoys me. I often wonder, “what am I looking at again? oh an int, no wait it’s a string, hmm, actually it’s all of the above, ARGH!”

I hate the grep function in perl. That’s just evil.

There is much much more, but that’s it for now.


5 thoughts on “What I hate about perl

  1. Lack of types would be just about any “scripting” type language. At least in Perl I know what a variable looks like. I hate no sigils in front of variables (i.e. Python).

  2. I used to use PERL heavily – for all types of problems – what turned me off eventually is the exact reason I went to it to begin with – it’s a “Swiss-Army Chainsaw”: it can do anything, but it doesn’t do any one thing well. Lack of dev tools didn’t help either – and the first person who says ‘vi’ or ’emacs’ gets my foot in the ars.

  3. I hated unless too, when I started. It has gradually grown on me. A lot of it is just what you’re used to.

    Perl does have types, but typing is “weak” and a source of many errors. Putting “==” instead of “eq” in the wrong place will silently create nasty bugs. 😉

    Regexps were once Perl’s killer advantage, but that’s not true anymore. I think Ruby has most of the same advantages but a far saner syntax…

  4. Java weenie 🙂

    there’s really no end to the language wars, is there? different strokes for different folks. all i know is, when i need to whip something up, i’m sure not going to write 15 java class files to do it. thppbpbt!

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