Great Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. It was chock full of activity (at least more than we usually have). On Saturday, we gave the boys breakfast then we packed them in
the car to visit the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. It’s roughly a 2 hour drive from our home in Wake Forest.

Liz packed sandwiches and other snacks to eat on the drive there. We arrived at
the zoo around 1:30pm, the boys were ready after taking a much needed nap in the car. We chose to visit the African side of the zoo first. We were hoping to rent a double stroller while at the zoo, but they were all gone. So Adan walked and Liz & I took turns carrying Marco. They did reasonbly well most, though Adan still has some “listening” issues. But all in all they did well. The zoo closes at 5pm, and it was now 4:30pm, we were all extremely tired expecially after having to carry Marco around for most of the tour (though we did finally find a double stroller but that was for about the last hour of the trip).

On the way back we planned to stop and get some food at a restaurant. We planned to eat in Asheboro, but no one was really hungry. We ended up stopping at a Perkin’s family restaurant in Cary off if Hwy 64. While I loved my dinner, everyone else was a lot less impressed. Would I go back there? Yep I sure would. The portions were decent and the price was great. You have to try their French Chocolate Silk cake/pie. It’s great.

On Father’s day, I got to cut the grass. While most folks would consider that work, I kinda like doing it. I got some new trimmer line for my Ryobi trimmer and trimmed the edges since the grass was starting to grow over the sidewalk.

After the boys woke up from their nap, we went to the mall to get both of them new shoes (man their feet grow fast). Liz tried to find a new bathing suit, but no luck but she did find some new PJs. It was now approaching 5:30pm, the mall closes at 6, so we decided to go get some dinner. Liz had gone to Champp’s a few month’s ago and we figured it would be ok to take the boys there. Plus it was just outside the mall so we could walk to it. Dinner was great.

On the way home from dinner, Liz thought we should stop by Blockbuster’s to find some movies, though Netflix is much better. We got “Girl with a Pearl Earring” which Liz wants to watch when her friends come over tomorrow night, “Dodgeball” which we plan to watch tonight, and the boys wanted “Aloha Scooby Doo”, they loved it, but the DVD was a little scratched.

That was our weekend.