This evening I received news that "Granny" had passed away. I know she has gone off to a better place and will rest in peace with her husband "Pappy". May God rest her soul.

Granny lived with her husband, Pappy, across the street from us in Landover, Maryland. While she wasn’t our biological grandmother, we considered her our surrogate grandmother. She was an extremely kind and gentle woman. While seemingly frail, she had more spunk than anyone I’ve ever met. Many a times she would watch my brother and me after school.

I remember many a times staying at her home after school with a fresh glass of lemonade, and nice ham & cheese sandwich.
We would sit and watch “Tweety Pie” aka “Tweety Bird” on TV
or Pappy’s favorite, WWF wrestling. For this, I thank Granny.

Once I sprained my ankle, which swelled up like a softball. While the doctor’s x-rays confirmed it was not broken, they didn’t offer much. It was Granny that took care of it. She taught my mother how to wash my ankle in Epsom salt, and ice it to reduce the swelling. She also taught us how to wrap an ace bandage correctly. For this, I thank Granny.

Another memory I have of Granny was how she took care of the squirrels. Every morning she would feed them peanut butter. You could see her on a warm summer day, outside feeding the squirrels.
It was amazing how trusting the squirrels were of her. It was always a very peaceful sight to see.

Granny was a special woman who had many roles. She was a wife, a mother, a neighbor, a friend, a nurse, but to me she will always be "GRANNY"

Granny we love you and you will be missed.