Curious George

Tonight I ducked out of work early so we could take Adan and Marco to their first movie ever. We had a quick dinner so we could get to the theater in time for the 7:20pm show. It was a perfect night because Adan doesn’t have preschool on Friday’s, and Marco, well, he’s only two.

We got Combo #3 (2 medium drinks, large popcorn, and 1 candy). Marco loves popcorn as does Daddy.

I had mixed emotions about going, I was excited to be taking the boys to their first movie. But I was also afraid of them not being able to sit still for the movie. I was pleasantly surprised tonight. Marco sat quietly and enjoyed the movie, while Adan sat most of the time. There were only about 10 people in the theater (including us 4). It was a great time.

Java guys

At work we’ve gotten a lot more Java guys on different projects. Which is good since I really like Java as a language especially for web applications. But since I’ve been here I’ve learned to use the best tools for the job and only introduce large Java frameworks when they are needed to solve a problem.

A friend of mine once told me that Hibernate and
Struts were “crutches”. I disagreed with him. But I knew these tools solve a problem and solve it well. But I finally understand what he means.
We Java guys always reach for our frameworks without really thinking if they are too much
for the problem at hand.

For instance, when we embarked on our project, we started to write our own persistence
layer. Daunting yes. Though we figured we can use JDBC until our application out grows
it. After a few weeks of coding, we realized we were recreating Hibernate. So we
dumped it and introduced Hibernate. Some might say “see if you would’ve chosen Hibernate
to begin with you wouldn’t have wasted a few weeks”. I disagree because we wanted to see
if it was needed or not.

Struts was a bit different. We went with it for several reasons. Servlet programming
sucks, and many members of the team didn’t know Struts which required a good amount of
reading material to be available. WebWork was a good alternative but at the time
books and other training material was non-existent. JSF I’m not quite sold on yet.

Now I’ve digressed, what I was trying to get at was that this new group of
Java guys reached for all of their favorite tools even though some of the problems
could be solved in a simpler way. The flurry of J2EE jargon is flying everywhere:
Spring, Hibernate, SOAP, SOA, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), and Mule. Sometimes
I wonder if we Java guys have lost our ability to write software without bringing
in a truck load of heavyweight tools.

Humpty falls

Humpty falls

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This is an example of what can occur when things get thrown around the office. On this day, a huge South Park halloween mask clipped the cactus sending it to its death.

The jury is still out as to whether the victim was dead before falling. No one will ever know.