xdoclet is NOT my friend

after 3 days of fighting xdoclet trying to get it to just run my simple template. I finally beat it into submission. Actually it beat me but I figured it out.

Unlike all the other ant tasks that works with a fileset definition used in all our other targets, the xdoclet one expects fileset to behave differently. ARGH!

Car work this weekend

I did some car work this weekend. The poor Trans Am isn’t doing very well, among the
broken items are oil leak, worn tires, driver door panel has been removed, front passenger
fender has a crack in it, the paint is dull, and it leaks coolant.

On Friday, a hose burst on the way up the parking lot. I didn’t think it would make it
home but I managed 🙂 So I cut the hose just below the crack and reinstalled it. It
seems to have held up nicely.

Here are some pics:

Repaired hose

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty is back.