VMware on Fedora Core 5

I installed VMware Workstation 5.5.1 on Fedora Core 5 x86_64 so that I could run Windows XP inside Fedora. I have a few items that motivated me to do this:

  • My kids like to play on noggin.com
  • I love iTunes
  • Quicken works better

My boys have started using the computer to play on noggin.com and playhouse disney.
There’s not 64-bit flashplugin for FC5, and dual booting is a PITA. So now I can
allow the boys to play using Windows without the need for a dedicated Windows partition.

I used to work at a Windows shop where I got hooked on iTunes. So I’ve amassed
a large amount of music purchased from iTunes which I can’t play using gtkpod.
And iTunes in CrossOver Office just isn’t ready yet.

And finally Quicken just works better in Windows than in WINE.

VMware offers a great UI and is quite easy to use. I was up and running
in a VMware instance in a day.

Here’s a screenshot: