VMware on Fedora Core 5

I installed VMware Workstation 5.5.1 on Fedora Core 5 x86_64 so that I could run Windows XP inside Fedora. I have a few items that motivated me to do this:

  • My kids like to play on noggin.com
  • I love iTunes
  • Quicken works better

My boys have started using the computer to play on noggin.com and playhouse disney.
There’s not 64-bit flashplugin for FC5, and dual booting is a PITA. So now I can
allow the boys to play using Windows without the need for a dedicated Windows partition.

I used to work at a Windows shop where I got hooked on iTunes. So I’ve amassed
a large amount of music purchased from iTunes which I can’t play using gtkpod.
And iTunes in CrossOver Office just isn’t ready yet.

And finally Quicken just works better in Windows than in WINE.

VMware offers a great UI and is quite easy to use. I was up and running
in a VMware instance in a day.

Here’s a screenshot:


One thought on “VMware on Fedora Core 5

  1. I also use vmware for some windows stuff I gotta have while running Ubuntu. I tried and tried and was never able to get iTunes and my iPod working via vmware, though. As soon as I plug my iPod in Ubuntu notices it and “blocks” vmware from seeing it. Did you do anything specific to allow windows to see your ipod? Or, are you just using iTunes without ann ipod?


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