New vacuum

Our old Hoover vacuum
was 10 years old and was grunting. The bags were nasty and made the house smell like dirty dog. With the kids and Liz’ allergies, we really needed something better.

We’ve always wanted a Dyson vacuum cleaner because of
the HEPA feature and the bagless operation. Dyson is to vacuums as Apple is to computers.

Today I went to Target to buy our new Dyson DC07 All Floors model. The box was designed with the consumer in mind, it stated to open two flaps
on either side, then lift the top side. No need to pull those darn staples found on other
appliance boxes, or that industrial glue requiring the box to be cut instead of pulled apart.

After vacuuming an area with our old Hoover, I vacuumed it again with the Dyson. It’s amazing how much more crap the Dyson would suck up. My favorite part is the touchless
container dumping. You detach the container, and pull a trigger. The bottom opens up allowing you to dump the dust and dirt into the trashcan without having to touch it.

Target has a sale this week if you buy a Dyson vacuum you get $100 gift card click here for more details.