Fedora Core 5 to 6 upgrade

After updating my laptop to FC6 GOLD, I got a taste of the Desktop Effects (compiz). It works extremely well on my Thinkpad with the ATI Radeon 7500. So I bit the bullet and upgraded my FC5 (x86_64) install to FC6.

During the install I chose “upgrade existing installation”. Since compiz was not in FC5, it did not get installed. So I had no “bling” by default. I found the rpm and installed it and it works great with my ATI X300 card.

Kudos to the Fedora team for putting out such a high quality distro.

Fedora Core 6

Today I installed Fedora Core 6 on my IBM Thinkpad T41. The install went really well. The only mishap was the usual swapping of the onboard ethernet and the Cisco aironet card.

There are many cool new things in FC6. But my favorite are
as follows:

  • Printing dialog
  • Desktop effect

The printing dialog actually found the all the printers on my network both the ones on samba and the ones via cups. It was a refreshing change from previous versions. Kudos!

Then there’s the bling bling. I turned on the desktop background.

desktop background

You can use CTRL+ALT+ (left and right arrow) to scroll through the workspaces in a great 3D manner. It is surprisingly fast.

Checkout Fedora Core 6 Today!

Somehow by Kevin Tillman

It is Pat’s birthday on November 6, and elections are the day after. It gets me thinking about a conversation I had with Pat before we joined the military. He spoke about the risks with signing the papers. How once we committed, we were at the mercy of the American leadership and the American people. How we could be thrown in a direction not of our volition. How fighting as a soldier would leave us without a voice… until we got out.

Much has happened since we handed over our voice:


jroller to WordPress migration

I got bored with the interface of roller on jroller.com, I decided to switch to WordPress. One of the features I love about WordPress is the import/export feature. But I needed a way to export my existing roller blog (a feature that isn’t yet implemented in roller).

A little googling for migrate roller weblogger to wordpress led me to this article: Migrating a Roller blog to WordPress. The author’s custom template works for generic RSS. While WordPress can use this format, I had better success using the WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) format.

As the author states

“…because while WordPress can import posts from your feed it cannot import the post comments. Nothing against WordPress, the RSS 2.0 specification does allow a comments subelement but that can only be a link to the actual comments page. So basically we need to defy them all, add the comments inline in our custom RSS Feed and then modify the wordpress RSS Import Utility to decipher and import the comments as well.”

with my modifications you don’t have to modify the wordpress importer at all, which means you can use this on wordpress.com as well.

Here is what I did:

  • add a new template, “WordPress export” add new template
  • click the edit icon next to the template
  • change the Link to “wpexport.xml”
  • paste in this template
  • click Save button
  • click Done button
  • Proceed to download

Now you are ready to download the xml file and import into WordPress.

wget http://jroller.com/page/*your_blog_name*/wpexport.xml

Once you have the xml file, import into WordPress

rpm –repackage

give u an example:i have amarok-1.4.3-3.FC5.i386.rpm installed on my FC5,now i want toupgrade to amarok-1.4.3-6.FC5.i386.rpm ,and i want to keep the old
version of amarok after i installed the new version

now, i can use rpm -Uvh --repackage to upgrade,and rpm command will
first repackage amarok-1.4.3-3 at /var/spool/repackage and install

# rpm -Uvh --repackage amarok-1.4.3-6.FC5.i386.rpm
# cd /var/spool/repackage
# ls