I think I found my new favorite programming language: Python. After 10 years of Java, Python is quite refreshing.

Here are what I like and dislike about the language.


  • typesafe without having to declare types
  • proper amount of verbosity i.e. if not valid instead of if !valid.
  • indentation forces a common coding standard
  • the fact that objects can be treated as maps (dict in python parlance)


  • the lack of a marker to end a block of code i.e. }, end, fi, etc.
  • lack of semi-colon (;) while it’s optional it looks stupid with other python code, but not using it makes it hard to switch between languages.
  • passing self to methods

All in all Python is kickass. Now perl SUCKS!


4 thoughts on “python

  1. I still hate the fact that you can change the return values and you won’t know the pain until runtime.

    But yeah, beats the hell out of perl.

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