PC doctor

I finally fixed one of my inlaws machines, the Windows laptop. Basically one of the services kept complaining during startup, it was some HP Windows Image Acquisition. I simply set the service to “manual” so it wouldn’t complain at startup. I couldn’t find a proper solution and was not willing to wipe the machine as I didn’t want to deal with backing anything up.

My next issue is the Windows desktop, a Pentium 4 1.7GHz pc. The network connections are all gone and Windows complains that the network device is “not working properly” Code 31. I ordered a new ZyXEL gigabit ethernet card from newegg.com.  Unfortunately, Windows complains about the new card as well, with the very same error code.

And people say “Linux isn’t ready for the desktop because of the lack of drivers”, well at least it works in most cases apparently without drivers 🙂  I think the biggest thing keeping Linux from taking over the desktop is that people with basic computer skills are afraid of it or don’t want to learn something new.

Now back to fighting Windows. 😦


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