So I’ve been playing with Ruby on Rails lately while readingAgile Web Development with Rails. While Ruby can take some getting used to, especially for a java guy. It can be quite nice. I’ve been playing with other languages since falling off the java train, notably python and I tabled in that line-noise of programming languages known as perl.

I haven’t gone deep with any of the languages, except java. So I won’t comment yet about ruby vs the others. What I will talk about is how cool Rails is compared to java + JSF or Struts or SEAM or framework of choice. The problem with all the java frameworks is the amount of configuration you need to get anything done. For example, struts-config.xml, or checkout the SEAM tutorial not one but four! xml files. This is where Rails excels, I don’t have to edit an xml file or any file to connect my presentation to my controller. Rails uses “convention” versus “configuration”. Struts could easily have used “convention”. I mean if I created a path for my jsp that matched my action, Struts could easily have connected them. But I am forced to define the url in the struts-config.xml just to hook up the action and presentation. While I’m not saying Rails is the be all end all solution, I firmly believe that we should use the right tool for the job, the java world could learn a lot from the simplicity of Rails.


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