First week off

I’m taking 3 weeks off from work to stay home for the birth of our daughter. A week and a half have gone by and things are going well. Iliana is actually sleeping, I know most new parents have heard the same question “is she sleeping through the night yet”. And for most 9 day olds it doesn’t happen, but thankfully Iliana has been cooperating. As this is our third child, we’ve run the gamut. Adan didn’t sleep at all for the first few months, and Marco slept sometimes but not as consistent. Iliana, will sleep for 4 hours before needing to be nursed again. To us that’s incredible.

My in-laws went home today. They were hear to help with the boys while we attended to the baby. They were a great help, getting up early to take the boys to school and cooking. I get along well with my in-laws, for the most part.

They have a few annoyances like the tendency to overindulge especially with food, and no idea of what is plentiful versus excess. For instance, when buying donuts for 6 people, the day of the baby’s birth, they bought TWO dozen donuts. That’s 4 donuts per person. That is just ridiculous. But by the end of the week we got it down to a dozen with left overs.

My parents couldn’t come until 2/17. They were ecstatic to see the new baby girl. But after an hour my dad got bored and needed a project. Every time he visits he needs a project. He can’t sit still. When Marco was born he insulated and drywalled my garage. This time he put up shelves and cleaned it out. I finally got the van in the garage after almost a year.

Now my parents aren’t without their annoyances either. For example, I bought one of those Caesar salad kits in a bag. You know the ones with dressing and everything. But my mom insisted on adding carrots to it and not putting in the dressing as some folks might not like it. It was quite annoying. Now I like to be a good host as well, but sometimes I don’t care much for flexibility or choice. I would’ve just made the Caesar salad, for the folks that didn’t like it, don’t eat it. 🙂

My sister-in-law, Jacquie,came to visit too. She stayed for the weekend and was a great help. She’s doing well with her new job and back in New York. We’re all proud of her.

Today, Missy, my other sister-in-law, came  to visit with her boyfriend. The boys are always excited to see their aunts.


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