Inside One Laptop per Child: Episode one

OLPC is one example of why I work at Red Hat.


I finally cut the grass on Saturday for the first time since last November. It was quite long probably like 7 inches! 😦 I also noticed lots of clover 😦 ever since we got rid of Spring Green our lawn has been slowly overtaken by weeds. I guess the $35 every 2 months was working. Unfortunately, I did not inherit my dad’s green thumb, nor his carpentry skills either.

On the technology front, I did manage to get the office webcam setup, hopefully it’ll work when I take it back to the office tomorrow. And lastly, I’ll be ordering my mom’s laptop tonight, a Dell Inspirion 1501 with 1GB DDR2 RAM and Windows Vista Home Premium. While not the fastest laptop, it is a sure step up from her existing IBM PC300GL with a measly 256MB RAM and Pentium 60.


I haven’t had coffee since I was 8 years old and tried my parents coffee, but today I tried some coffee again.  I put some dry creamer and some Splenda.  It was actually good.  Though I probably only had about 3 ounces.

I doubt I’ll begin to drink coffee, don’t care for warm drinks.  I’ll stick with my Diet Cokes in the morning.