crime and punishment

McMINNVILLE, Ore. – Two middle school boys facing sex abuse charges in connection with “spanking” incidents at Patton Middle School in McMinnville are back home with their parents after appearing in court on Tuesday.The two boys, ages 12 and 13, face the equivalent of felony sex abuse charges. In court, Yamhill County authorities said their investigation showed the boys slapped female classmates on their buttocks numerous times over the past several weeks, and poked their breasts.

According to authorities, the boys were sometimes acting out a character known as ‘Party Boy’ from a movie based on a popular MTV television series.

Two of the victims testified in court they did not feel threatened and did not want the boys punished.

The judge ruled that the boys could go home pending trial, and also ordered 24-hour supervision and no contact with other kids tied to the investigation.

Meanwhile, the parents of the boys are still raising concerns about how the situation has unfolded.

“Without a doubt, it could have been handled differently,” said Scott Mashburn. “This sounds like the school had an issue with some kids misbehaving for a long time now, but they didn’t address it.”

“I think it was an injustice that they were holding my son for these allegations that I don’t believe are true,” said Sharon Holbrook.
See the article from KATU

In my opinion, this is utter crap. The girl victims stated they were not threatened, “Two of the victims testified in court they did not feel threatened and did not want the boys punished”. I can’t believe they had the boys (12 & 13) handcuffed at the waste.

There are much more serious crimes occurring in this country and we’re going after 13 year olds.
I’m not advocating the behavior, I just think the punishment is way too extreme.


2 thoughts on “crime and punishment

  1. I agree, the punishment should fit the crime. Being suspended for a day or two with a letter of apology seems perfectly sane to me, and that’s just if the boys actually did it (which they probably did).

    It seems more and more that we, as a community, are over-reacting to misbehavior at schools. I wonder why that is.

  2. I also believe this is ridiculous. Does anyone realize that these kids are in the midst of puberty and on the fringes of realizing their own sexuality? Does anyone wonder why the girls were not offended? Because they too are on those same fringes. It’s called growing up and yes, part of that is also nipping “inappropriate behavior” in the bud to ensure a “properly” functioning society is advocated, but not with handcuffs and arrest records at 12 and 13 years old. Is this how we intend to foster the next generation of adults? … By creating an arrest record at a young age to ensure they are never able to secure a career and become productive human beings? And for what? For an act that nearly every human male has been slapped on the wrist for at 12 years old? If this is the way this country is going we might as well start removing the pleasure centers of the brain at birth because that’s the only cure for growing up. And we’ll also need to do some retroactive arresting of for men now in their nineties who likely did the same at 12 years old. What happened to parental discipline and the reprimands of the school? Do we no longer have faith in those institutions? I guess everything has to be handled by handcuffs these days ……. Gross injustice.

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